Kelly is a radiant and talented woman who gracefully teaches, serves, empowers and inspires both women and men. Kelly's workshops are transformative for all who participate, She creates an environment where everyone is celebrated for who they are, where each spirit is welcomed with open arms and an open heart and your inner Goddess is empowered to shine its brightest. To feel witnessed and celebrated, to experience one's beauty emerging with such support, laughter and encouragement is a deeply magical experience.
-Krissy Moksha Yoga Barrie Instructor

Touching The True You, A Kelly Benoit Experience.

Introversion can become the defining trait of our personality, Kelly's gift offers and allows each individual seeking a wonderful tonic for the heart and mind which can be subject to regular stressors. potent and kind information passes through Kelly without prejudice and the lasting effects of her kind deliveries affords us the peace and freedom we need to reconnect with the individuals we are within. The welcoming embrace of Kelly's intuition afford the conditions necessary for successful self-reflection. Kelly ables the individuals and groups to delve deeply into their souls to rediscover all those values and ideals left by the wayside as we concentrated on our worldy affairs and ambitions. When you indulge your yearning for connection, Kelly allows you to find you once again attunded to aspects of your individuality that may be lost in the emotional turmoil of the day-to-day conecerns. Kelly's intuition is the spring fresh air let into the home after a long stale winter
-Theresa Gagnon Owner Yoga Source, Newmarket

Here is what happens when you attend one of Kelly's workshops ... first off you are greeted with a warm hello and immediately feel welcome as if you are just popping in to see an old friend! Second, you are greeted with the most beautiful smile that makes your worries and stress start to melt away, Third you are greeted with the best hug ever! It's like your favorite auntie that you only see a couple times a year! The workshop itself ... amazing like minded people, the atmosphere is calm and serene with a hint of excitement of what is about to happen! The room is peaceful, serene and still. You are led on a remarkable journey and then if permission has been given, warm, quiet hands are placed on you, you relax further into a deeper state of peacefulness. As the workshop progresses, your body soaks up the beauty of the energy around you! When the workshop is complete you will leave feeling peaceful, calm and relaxed, but with a new found energy that makes you feel like you can take on anything ... like a Warrior Goddess! I highly recommend any of Kelly's workshops or private sessions!
-Sandi Birkland Owner Heart Retreat Horse Therapy, Hawkstone