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***30 day warranty.  If your collection breaks within the first 30 days of purchase and you have most of your beads, there is no charge for repair.  If your collection breaks after the first 30 days, there are no repairs or refunds.

**** NEW ***  'Little Miss Goddess' Collection
Explore the 'Little Miss Goddess' collection that enhances the magical energy within your child.  All collections are intuitively hand made and are *one of a kind pieces.  Each collection is set with an intention for love, peace, harmony, balance, security, happiness and joy for your child.  Each collection is complete with a unique Fairy Oracle Card.  "Live, love and shine bright" is the saced mantra for the 'Little Miss Goddess' collection.  

The 'Little Miss Goddess' collection .... Necklace and Bracelet $30 ...... Single Bracelet $10


Goddess Intentions Collection $50

Goddess Intention


The Goddess Intentions Collections Are Intuitively Made Especially For Your Inner Goddess Essence.  

Goddess Intentions Collection $50 includes Necklace, Bracelet and Goddess Oracle Card.  Single Necklace $25.  Single Bracelet $15.  Wrap Bracelet $20

There Are Sample Collections For You To See (these collections may be SOLD out) Collections Can Be Made Upon Request.

Warrior Goddess

Root Your Inner Goddess

Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Goddess Rebel

Embrace Your Inner Goddess

Inspire Your Inner Goddess




Heal Your Inner Goddess





Goddess Intentions Bracelets $15

Mother Earth Love Bracelet

Amethyst Dragon Fly Bracelet

Rose Quart Freedom Bracelet

Inner Courage Bracelet 

Agate Made With Love Bracelet

Rose Quartz Made With Love Bracelet

Namaste Bracelet

Blue Jade Buddha Bracelet


E Books $20 (Downloadable File For E Book)

Speaking ‘Woof’ E Book $20

Journey With Me Through Speaking ‘Woof’ And Discover Many Amazing Aspects Of My Life.  Discover More About Yourself Along The Way As This Interactive Book Is Designed To Guide You Deeper Into Metaphysical Teachings Including Crossing Over, Working With Animals, Haunted Energies, etc.


Seed To Soul E Book $20

Connect To Your Inner Goddess Through Seed To Soul As I Take You On A Journey Of Self-Discovery Connecting You To The Many Parts Of Yourself That You May Have Disconnected From.  Seed To Soul Is About Embracing Your Perfect Imperfections And Finding Your True Authentic Self.